About Us

Peak Performance Biofeedback, Inc. is committed to researching and leveraging evidenced based methods and technologies to provide services which improve individual performance and well-being by modifying brainwave patterns.

Why Us

It is the genuine desire of each of the providers associated with Peak Performance Biofeedback to help those they come in contact with find the joy in their life, eliminate stress, and enhance their quality of life. The multidisciplinary approach ensures all aspects of client complaints are addressed efficiently and completely. We are proud to say that we treat you with the kindness and concern you deserve. We want you to get the most out of life and we are happy to be part of making that happen. When you come to see someone at Peak Performance, you are meeting with a doctoral level provider and not a technician, and because each of the providers brings their own unique approach to helping, there will always be someone who can meet your needs. Our office provides a wide range of services including, neuropsych testing, Neuro and biofeedback, therapy, counseling, and consulting. These are our core competencies, however they are not our only areas of skill and expertise. We are widely experienced because you are widely experienced.

Mission Statement

Peak Performance Biofeedback, Inc. seeks to help cultivate and foster change and development for individuals and their family system by working with our clients to optimize performance promoting wellness and enhancing attachments and lifestyles.

Special Events

Peak Performance Biofeedback, Inc. has partnered with many special organizations to promote and enhance performance and wellness. Peak Performance Biofeedback, Inc. was featured at the 4WomenByWomen Expo in November 2016. A successful event honoring women, beauty, fashion, and wellness. Peak Performance Biofeedback, Inc. was also featured at The Kids Expo in March 2017 hosted by Family Time Magazine.  We were honored to be a part of such special events promoting love, inner peace, good health, and happiness for everyone involved. Please visit our “Partner with Us” page if you would like to partner together to make life more meaningful and enjoyable for us all.

Lets Improve
your Overall Wellness

We will help you to achieve your goals and enhance your wellness