Michael Tavolacci, Ph.D.

As a scholar-practitioner, Michael has earned his Ph.D. and Master’s Degree in Human Development as well as a Master’s Degree in Managerial Leadership and Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Behavioral Science. Michael is trained as a Crisis Intervention Specialist, is a volunteer member of the Northeastern Illinois Critical Incident Stress Management Team and is a youth and community educator. Using his formal education and vast field experience as a problem solver for individuals and organizations, he has equipped himself with the skills to guide individuals to the peak of their performance potential. Michael believes in creating a program tailored to your expectations and focused on maximizing your capabilities. Michael has presented at national conferences on the subject of Trauma and Resilience and enjoys facilitating learning across a broad range of industries and organizations. Michael’s cognitive assets are leveraged by corporate executives as well as individuals looking to optimize their potential development. Michael delights in collaborating for the success of others. Michael’s ability to identify presenting problems, empathize with his clients, validate and normalize his client’s experience and empower his client’s to reach their full potential is a rarity and a blessing.

Nahrain Tavolacci

Nahrain Tavolacci, M.A., CAMS. PsyD

Dr. Nahrain Tavolacci earned her doctoral degree in clinical psychology from the Illinois School of Professional Psychology in Chicago. During her clinical training, she had the privilege of working with children, adults and families coping with a variety of concerns including: trauma, depression, anxiety, mood instability, grief and loss, family and interpersonal conflict, substance use, ADHD, and behavioral difficulties.
Dr. Tavolacci’s clinical interests include trauma, attachment, anxiety, mood instability, behavioral difficulties, AD/HD, and a variety of family and marital challenges.
Specifically, Dr. Tavolacci developed an affinity for working with children and adolescents in learning skills to manage behavioral issues, anxiety, AD/HD, and trauma. When working with children and their primary caregiver, Dr. Tavolacci utilizes attachment based interventions to address any emotional regulation and relationship concerns. Dr. Tavolacci has also become deeply involved over the past twenty-four years with the unique challenges police officers and their families face. Personally, as a police spouse, she has evolved an understanding of the many complexities service in law enforcement presents. Professionally, Dr. Tavolacci has developed programs and presentations focused on law enforcement trauma, both that of the officer and the police family; focusing on the unique aspects of coping with the transition between work-life and family-life. Presentations she has authored have been accepted at national conferences and programs directed to police families and their wellbeing.
Dr. Tavolacci values an integrative approach, drawing from multiple theoretical disciplines including client-centered, to provide clients with a safe, non-judgmental and supporting environment. She also utilizes cognitive behavioral therapy interventions and mindfulness techniques to help clients earn skills to understand and manage their presenting symptoms.
Dr. Tavolacci is passionate about leveraging empathy, mindfulness, and a collaborative approach to help clients gain a deeper understanding of their core beliefs, obstacles, and goals to cultivate positive change.

dr karina bortnik peak performance biofeedback inc

Dr. Karina Bortnik

Dr. Karina Bortnik is a licensed clinical psychologist and a founder of INTEGRATIVE PSYCHOLOGICAL SOLUTIONS.  Dr. Bortnik has 15 years of experience in the field of applied psychology and assessment. She has expertise in psychological testing, memory training, and neuro-emotional reprocessing of past events and symptoms.  She consults to Chicagoland hospitals, Advocate Condell Medical Center and NorthShore University Health Systems and works closely with a team of medical doctors and wellness agencies.  Dr. Bortnik also provides training and coaching to doctoral students, colleagues, and paraprofessionals.

Dr. Bortnik received her undergraduate degree from the University of Southern California (USC), and her Masters and Doctorate degrees from the Illinois School of Professional Psychology. She was trained at Northwestern University Counseling Center and completed her doctoral internship at Loyola University.

Having worked in various settings, such as hospitals, universities, community agencies, and schools, Dr. Bortnik has extensive experience with different populations and a passion for diversity.

Dr. Bortnik’s values intersubjectivity in her work and aspires to treat every person and every encounter with mindfulness and empathy. Intersubjectivity implies that much of human behavior is spurred by peoples striving for health.  Symptoms and problems are merely attempts to adapt to complex internal and external systems. Individual feelings set a tone for our perceptions, thoughts, and behaviors. Consequently, repeated life experiences form subjectivity and personalized psychological imprint (personality) that form our outlook, shape our relationships, and are masterminds behind our future.  The goal of intersubjectivity in therapy is to make sense together and illuminate undesirable imprints to free the mind from self-defeat.

Dr. Bortnik’s belief in the power of a positive interpersonal connection and her commitment to empowering people, allows her to cultivate meaningful therapeutic relationships that serve as a foundation for change for clients of all ages, cultures, and worldviews.

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