Human Development and Creativity

Perceptions and reactions to life experiences influence happiness. Neurofeedback helps diffuse negative inner dialogue and expand outlooks, coxing our true personality to emerge. Promoting focus and emotional balance through brain training helps restore the confidence needed to embrace life, express happiness, and reach our full individual potential.
Vitality is one of the most common benefits reported by individuals training with neurofeedback. While individuals may come in to improve emotional or creative abilities, they also gain positively by streamlining mental hygiene and reaching peak performance.

Social anxiety

Social interaction requires emotional self-regulation and a sense of calm to truly make meaning of the social exchange. If self-confidence is impaired and emotional dysregulation is present then embarrassment, fear, anxiety, and/or low self-esteem impair one’s ability to socially interact. Peak Performance works with you to train your brain to step past these irregular emotions and embrace a greater sense of calm and confidence.

Executive Leadership Skills

Neurofeedback and Biofeedback train your brain to cultivate strength in personal presence, improved self-regulation, and effective communication. Peak Performance training works with you to develop effective leadership skills to enhance your mental focus, self-confidence, and improve emotional control and poise in stressful situations.

High Performers & “Getting in the zone”

Neurofeedback delivers the tools to train and exercise a high performer’s neural networks. A personalized program is created to strengthen the specific neural connections to increase creativity, increase efficiency and improve overall wellness.
For Attorneys, Corporate Leaders, Financial Executives, and Academic Achievers efficiency means decreasing the misused amount of mental energy, doubt, overthinking, and increasing self-regulation, increasing co-modulation in the brain, and improving clarity.
High performers struggle with stress and sleep quality which are essential to long-term brain performance, stamina, and resilience. Professional athletes and artists may struggle with distractibility, clarity, processing speed, and creativity. Using neurofeedback to shape one’s ability to tune out distractions and improve clarity, increase processing speed, improve recovery speed with minimal error, improve concentration and endurance, and feel a greater sense of poise under pressure is the reason why Neurofeedback is in such high demand. Neurofeedback has been used to train Attorneys, Business Executives, Creative Performers, Financial Leaders, Elite Athletes, Olympic Teams, and Students.

Mindfulness, Meditation, and Neurofeedback

Some clients seek to improve their emotional and mental health. Research shows, through mindfulness and meditation, clarity and balance is achievable. Training for a quiet and clear mind helps improve awareness of delicate and complex thoughts becoming more observant and less judgmental. Training increases resilience, clarity, and improves the feeling of connectedness allowing intuition and creativity to flow. Neurofeedback is a pathway to achieving this balance in mind, body, and spirit. Integrating neuroscience with ancient eastern traditions to attain a more grounded, confident, and comprehensive self-compass engages the brain’s inherent neuroplasticity. Mindfulness was greatly guided by many spiritual prophets and nobles such as Jesus, Dalai Lama, and Gandhi. Science has taken this divine knowledge to the next level, utilizing technology to help strengthen the exchange between eastern self-actualized masters and neurofeedback specialists.

Neurofeedback, Social skills and Intimacy

Greater clarity helps a person feel more present, less stressed, and more attentive to themselves and their intimate relationships. Clients report a greater sense of clarity and as a result have improved interpersonal relationships. These benefits help clients be more present, mindful, and experience an enchanted sense of belonging without the false fear of rejection or abandonment. Feeling truly authentic and comfortable in mind, body, and spirit can enhance your personal life promoting qualities such as improved self-care and fostering mindful presence with your family, friends, and co-workers.

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